Is ETMoney and Groww registered with SEBI | Is Groww app better than Etmoney

Investing in mutual funds

If you are a new investor and are thinking about investing in mutual funds So you must have heard the name ETMoney and Groww in many YouTube videos and articles. Some Youtubers may have described Groww app better and some may have described Etmoney app better. But let me tell you that among those who are comparing them, many of them would never have used these apps. Nowadays people can do anything to earn money. That is why it is very difficult to trust any investment app until you use an app yourself. So now let’s talk about our first […]

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Is it a good idea to invest money in Mutual Funds?

Make money with Mutual Funds

Today we will talk whether you should invest in mutual funds or not. First of all, know what mutual funds are. We will try to understand it in easy language. Let’s assume that HDFC Amc is a mutual fund a management company. Through which we can invest in mutual funds. So handing over management has a lot of schemes. Such as equity mutual funds Or debt funds. Equity funds are those funds in which money is invested in equity shares. And debt funds are funds in which funds are invested in Govt Securities or companies bonds.  So as you know, equity shares are risky investments. That is […]

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