CRED rent pay charges | How can I pay rent through credit card?

CRED rent pay charges

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Nowadays many people use credit cards. And ever since the foundation of Digital India has been laid, the use of cash has reduced a lot. Nowadays you will find swipe machines everywhere. And you can pay through the card. Credit card offers many more benefits on payment. For example, if you use a credit card, you can get cashback and other offers as well. Also, it affects your credit score by using credit card. If you pay your credit card bill on time, then it increases your Civil score.

You must know about CRED app. This is a very popular app in India. You will be able to see this app in the phone of anyone who uses a credit card. Whenever you pay your credit card bill in CRED app, you get guaranteed cashback. I have been using CRED app myself for the last 1 year.

CRED cashback

You can see for yourself that in the last one year I have earned 2268 rupees through this app. Earlier I also used to pay “Credit Card Bill” from the bank’s app. But if you are also getting a cash to pay the bill, then why would you decline this offer.

CRED rent payment Review

I am sharing my personal Review for CRED Rent. I live in a rented house. And I always used to transfer my monthly rent to the bank account of the landlord. But one day I was paying my card bill on CRED app. Then I got my eye on “Pay Rent“. When I watched it carefully, then I knew that I can pay the rent of my house only through CRED app. And fortunately, I had not yet paid the rent of the house. Then I transferred the rent of my house to the account of landlord through CRED app.

And you will be surprised to know that I received 6% cashback in it. I paid with ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card. I am going to tell how you too can pay your rent with a credit card.

  • To pay the rent, first you need to open CRED app.
  • When you scroll down a bit on the home page, you will see the option of “Pay Rent”. You have to click on this.
Pay Rent in CRED
  • After that you have to enter the amount of the rent. Like if I want to pay 12,800 rupees, then I have put 12800 rupees. After that you have to click on “Pay With Credit Card”.
CRED Rent amount
  • After that you have to enter the full name of the landlord. And you have to press the button of “Proceed”.
LandLord name
  • After that you have to enter the Bank account number and IFSC Code of Landlord. Then click on “Proceed” again.
Account Number Rent

And in this way you can easily pay your rent. If you do not have a bank account number of Landlord and you want to pay it through UPI, then you can also pay through UPI. In the above screenshot you will see the option of “Enter Landlord’s UPI”. By clicking on it, you can also pay rent through UPI.

CRED rent pay charges

If you talk about charges, CRED does not charge you more for it. CRED charges 1.5% to pay rent. But I do not think it makes any difference. If you pay with Amazon Pay Credit Card then you will get 6% cashback. And if you have a credit card of Axis Bank, you can also get a cashback of up to 500 rupees.

CRED app rent offers

And even if you do not have the money to pay rent, you can still rent through a credit card.

CRED RentPay allows members to pay monthly rent with their credit cards, directly from the CRED app. With the option of paying rent on credit, members can free up cash, enjoy the interest-free 45 days credit period, and earn reward points on credit card spends.

Can I pay rent through CRED app for free?

To be honest, it is free. You are charged only 1.5 % for renting. And you get good cashback instead. But whenever you pay rent, read about the cashback instructions properly. Most cashbacks are available only on first time rent.

So in this way you can transfer the rent of your house directly to the landlord’s account using credit card. If there is anything missing in the article. Or if you want any information about CRED rent, you can ask us through comments. Or you can also contact us by going to the contact page. Hope you have got all the information.


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