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If you invest in the stock market then you must have known about the Deepak nitrite company. The stock of Deepak nitrite has performed so well in the last year that people want to know what will be the price target of Deepak nitrite share from 2022 to 2030. Can Deepak nitrite become a Multibagger stock by 2025?

Today we will discuss all these things and know what can be the next price target of Deepak nitrite stock in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. Well, I want to clear one thing in advance that even big players do not know when the stock falls in the stock market. So it is very difficult to predict the share price. Sometimes the price prediction turns out to be wrong. That’s why you yourself have to keep an eye on the stock market.

So the current price of Deepak nitrite stock is 2,414.45 INR. In the last year Deepak Nitrite Ltd. The stock has gained around 194.66%. Seeing this, you must also be thinking that if I had invested in this stock 1 year ago, then today my investment would have tripled. Yes, if 1 year ago you had invested 1 lakh rupees in Deepak nitrite company, you would have been the owner of 3 lakhs today. So isn’t it a wonderful stock?

But do you know what is the reason for such a high rise in Deepak nitrite stock? Has Deepak Nitrite performed well in the last year only, or is this stock already performing like this? So let’s know how the stock has performed since the time the stock got listed in the Indian stock market.

Wow, take a look at the graph, you will be surprised. In the last five years, Deepak Nitrite Ltd. The stock has given a return of around 1,906.19%. And the maximum return of the share is about 13,456.71%. I just enjoyed seeing it. I wish I had invested in this stock in 2010, I too would have been a millionaire today.

Even today some people believe that it is too late now and the price of Deepak nitrite share is still very high. So let me tell you all that Deepak nitrite is a fundamentally strong stock. And you can invest in such stocks anytime. If you keep thinking then time will run out of your hands.

Deepak Nitrite share price target in 2022

Deepak Nitrite is a Chemical manufacturing company. And in the COVID era, the chemical industry has shown the highest growth. Now let’s talk about how much profit the company is earning. Does the company have debt or is it a debt-free company? By looking at this, we can find out the future of the company and the target price of the stock.

Total Income of Deepak Nitrite company in June 2021: 1,534.47 Crore

Profit after Tax (PAT) in June 2021: 302.63 Crore

So as you can see that the company is earning a good profit. And it is common for the stock to jump in the company’s profit increasing every quarter. If the company earns a good profit, then there is a rise in the price of its shares.

So the share price target of Deepak Nitrite share in 2022 is 3000 INR. In 2022, you can accept a return of at least 25%. Well, the return can be much more than this.

Deepak Nitrite share price target in 2023

Many investors are confused that the stock price is very high right now. And is this the right time to invest? So let me tell you that the market is at an all-time high. So in such a situation, if there is a correction in the market, then there can be a lot of decline in Deepak Nitrite too. No one can tell when this will happen yet. It may take 1 year for this. Or maybe a correction can be seen in the stock within a month.

So the easiest way to do this is that whenever there is a slight fall in the stock of Deepak Nitrite, then you have to buy a few shares. You have to invest in the stock every fall.

So the next share price target of Deepak Nitrite share in 2023 is 3800 INR. Yes, if the company earns profit in this way, then the share price can easily reach 3800 INR.

Deepak Nitrite share price target in 2025 and 2030

Now we will try to know whether we should invest in Deepak Nitrite share for the long term. As you also know that the share price of Deepak Nitrite is very high, so if there is a correction in the stock, will we be able to cover the loss?

Promoters hold 45.69% shares in Deepak Nitrite and no promoter has booked profit after 2020. FII and DII (Mutual Funds) companies have also invested JAM in Deepak Nitrite. With this, you can know the credibility of the stock. So if you invest in Deepak Nitrite for the long term then you need not panic. You can hold this stock for the long term. And can earn good profit till 2030.

The share price target for Deepak Nitrite share in 2025 is 5500 INR. The price may be higher or lower but I think the share price will be around 5500. And by 2030, Deepak Nitrite’s share can achieve the target of 10,000.

What do experts think about Deepak Nitrite?

Most experts believe that you should invest in stocks now. Or if you already have shares of Deepak Nitrite then you should hold the stock now. Yes, if you want to book profit then you can sell 50% of the shares and hold the rest 50% of the shares.

I would like to advise especially retail investors that instead of investing in penny stocks, you can earn more profit if you invest in fundamentally strong stocks.

Whenever you choose a stock, first of all, you have to see whether the company is making a profit or not. Apart from this, you can also check the balance sheet. And you should also know that how much debt is there on the company and whether the company is able to repay the loan or not. You should make a decision only after knowing all this. If you still do not understand something, then you can take the opinion of experts.

Conclusion: I myself have invested in Deepak Nitrite stock and I know it is a great stock. So if you have also invested in Deepak Nitrite stocks like me, then you can hold the stock. And you can get more return in the coming time.

If you ask me to rate Deepak Nitrite’s share then I will give a 4.5 out of 5 rating to this stock. How many ratings do you want to give to Deepak Nitrite Stock by commenting below?


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