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Today I will tell you how you can write a formal and informal letter. A formal letter is also known as the official letter. Business letters are also included in the category of formal letters. So we will also tell you about the format of business letters in this article. Where can you use formal letters and where can you use informal letters? First of all, we will talk about formal letters.

What are formal or official letters?

When we used to study in school, whenever we had to take leave from school or we had to write any kind of letter to our principal, we used to write that letter in so many loving and affectionate words. So you must have understood that what is called formal letters. A formal letter is one written in an orderly and conventional language and follows a specific stipulated format.  We write these letters only for official purposes. For example, we can write official letters to the principal of a school, manager of a bank, employee or owner of a company, any such official person or organization. We cannot write formal letters to our friends and relatives. Yes, you can write but don’t you think it will look a bit odd.

Generally, formal letters are written in English only. But if we talk about India, then many languages are spoken in India and every state has its own official language. In such a situation, in some states, official letters can also be written in local languages. But today we are going to tell only formal letters written in the English language. If you want the format of a formal letter in any other language then you can tell us through comments.

How to write a Formal or official Letter?

First of all, there are some rules for writing a formal letter, which you have to follow.

Greet the concerned person

Whenever we start the formal letter, we have to greet the concerned person. It shows our respect for that person. We can start our letter with Dear Sir/Madam.

Subject of writing the letter

After that, we have to tell the reason for writing the letter. But remember the reason should be small but the concerned person should understand the whole topic for that small reason. We have to write the subject of writing the letter in the first paragraph itself.

Polite and not harsh

As I told you earlier that you have to write a letter very politely. And such words should not be used which hurt anyone’s sentimental. The letter written by you should not be harsh. Along with this, write your full name and designation as well.


You all know that “The first impression is the last impression”. So the presentation of your letter should be perfect. And you have to use the proper format in the letter. Although we are providing you the format of the letter, if you want, you can add something good to it as per your wish.

Closing of the letter

You have to pay special attention to the closing of the letter. The closing of the letter should be with gratitude. First of all, you have to thank the concerned person for reading your letter. You can use Use “Thank you” for consideration of the letter. Thanks are also correct but if you are writing a formal letter then you should use proper words. That’s why we will use the word “Thank You”. Then you have to mention your name and your signature with “Yours sincerely” in the last.

So in this way, our formal letter will be completed. Now I am going to tell you some demo formats. You can also download these formal letter formats in PDF.

Topics for writing some formal letters

Formal Letter Sample

Plot no 7, 8, 9,10, Dakshin Marg,

25D, Slum, Sector 25,




The Editor-In-Chief ,

Punjab Kesari Group,

Sector 25, Chandigarh,

Subject : To stop illegal mining

Dear Sir,

(This is only a DEMO content) : With Due Respect, I want to tell you that illegal mining is going on in our area for the last 8 months. I have also informed the department about this. But till now no legal action has been taken. I have full faith in the law of my country. That is why I want the media along with the department to investigate impartially in this matter. If this news will be published in your website, then the concerned department will also be in turmoil and this illegal mining can be stopped. I hope that you will take care of this matter and print this news on priority in your newspaper. And I and our entire region will be very grateful to you for this.

Thanking You

Your Sincerely

Your Name

Download Formal Letter sample in PDF Format

Sick Leave formal letter Format

If you are sick and want to write a leave application in your school, company, or any organization, I will tell the below format for this. You can modify it in your own way.



Name of Recipient :

Designation :

Company Name :

Address :

Dear Sir / Madam

Subject :

(Body of the Letter) Example : Sir, I am very ill since last few days. And my treatment is going on in IVY Hospital. The doctor has asked me to take rest by staying at home for a few days. That’s why I can’t attend office this week.

Note : So in this way you can add anything else like how many days leave you want. The letter does not have to be drawn too long and all things have to be written in 2 to 3 paragraphs.

Thank You for your consideration. waiting for your response.

Your Sincerely,

Your Name :


Download Formal Letter in PDF Format

You can also download this format in PDF format. You have to click on the above link and from there you can download the PDF.

Formal Letter Format in CBSE : 2

Sender’s Name :

Date :

Receiver’s Name :

Subject :

Salutation (Dear Sir \ Madam)

(Body Of the Letter) You can write it in your own way. But remember we have to use decent and good words.

First Paragraph : First of all, you have to tell about yourself and the reason for writing the letter.

Second Paragraph : The reason has to be told in detail.

Third Paragraph : (Mention Conclusion and Solution)

Complimentary Closing

Thanking You,

Your Sincerely

Your Name

Download Formal Letter Format (CBSE)

Formal Letter Format : 3

Name of the sender

Address :

Date :


Name of the Recipient :

Designation :

Company Name :

Address :

Salutation (Dear Sir \ Madam) :

Subject :

Body of the Letter :

{ Write 2 or 3 paragraphs including the reason behind the letter. Make sure to keep the letter concise without dragging to much }.

Thank you for your consideration. waiting for your response.

Your Sincerely,



Below I am sharing a link with you. From where you can download the format of this letter in PDF.

Download Formal Letter Format in PDF format 3

Formal Resignation Letter Format : 4

The resignation letter also comes in the category of formal letters. You can write Resignation Letter to your boss or Manager. You can give the reason for leaving your job in this.

Name of the sender




Name of the Recipient :

Designation :

Company Name :

Address :

Salutation (Dear Sir \ Madam) :

Subject :

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as (Name of your designation) for the (Name of the Company), effective from (Date & year).

Thankyou for your support and the opportunities that you have provided me during the last (Number of Years) . I have truly enjoyed my tenure with (Name of Company), I got to learn a lot in this company. And I will be able to use this experience in my own life. and I am more than grateful to this encouragement you have given me in pursuing my professional goals and personal growth objectives.

If I can be of any assistance during this transition in order to facilitate the seamless passing of my responsibilities to my successor, please let me know. I would be glad to help however I can.

Your Sincerely,

Your Name


Download Resignation letter Format in PDF

Credit Card Cancellation Request Letter Formats

SBI Credit Card Cancellation Request Letter Format – 1


The Manager,

State Bank of India,

Branch Name : SBI Sector – 17

Bank Address: Sector 17C, 186-88, Shopping Plaza, 17G, Sector 17C, Chandigarh, 160017

Subject: Credit Card Cancellation Request.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Devindra Kaushik, credit card holder of STATE BANK OF INDIA with my SBI credit card no: 7854812369XXXX. Which was linked to my saving bank account of a/c no 369585XXXX14.

Hence I am not using my credit card, I have decided to cancel it. So please cancel my credit card with immediate effect.

I have cleared all my credit card dues and have Zero dues. So kindly close my credit card.

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,

Devindra Kaushik.

Difference between Formal and informal letter

Formal Letter

A formal letter is written professionally. While writing, we have to choose the words wisely.

Formal letters have a format that we have to follow. We cannot add more things to it than we want.

Formal letters are to be written for official use.

Informal Letters

We can also call informal letters casual letters. We can write anything in our own way in these letters.

Informal letters are non-official letters. So when we choose words, we do not need to panic much.

There is no particular format for Informal Letters. You can write the letter in your own way.

You can also write an Informal Letter for a personal reason.

Perhaps you must have understood the difference between Informal Letters and Formal Letters.

Business letter format

So in this way you can write formal and informal letters. I have shared 4 formats that will give you an idea of how you can write a formal letter. We have tried our best to provide you complete information. If still, we have missed any information, then you can tell us through the comments. Either you can also contact us through the contact page. We will be glad to assist you.

Business letters are a formal letter that is sent by a company to another company, clients, shareholders or employees. If you have invested in the stock market, you must have got a mail from the company to hold annual meetings. Even though you have only one share of the company, but you have become a partner of the company. So business letters are sent to all these people.

So that is why you have the right to know about the company’s loss and profit, and that is why the company makes you aware of it through business letters.

Nowadays printed letters have been discontinued anyway and very few people use them. Nowadays printed letters have been discontinued anyway and very few people use them.



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  2. I want to withdraw my EPF money. Can you tell me such a formal letter format so that I can withdraw my money. Although all these formats are good but I want proper format and that too in PDF. If you can provide such format for me in PDF format then I will be very grateful to you. I tried a lot to find such a format on the internet but I could not find such a format.

  3. If we are writing a letter to a make and we know this, then is it necessary to write Dear Sir / Madam. Or we will write only sir.

  4. Yes CBSE format is correct. I have seen this format in another website also. And both the formats are same.

  5. My SBI account is dead and I have spoken to customer care they told me that you have to write an application and submit it to your branch. And after that some charges will be deducted from my account. And my account will be active again. So can I use any of these formats?

  6. Can I use these formats in any bank? The format you have given for SBI can I use it to do branch transfer in Indian bank.

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