How to create UPI id in SBI YONO lite and YONO SBI app


Today I will tell you how you can create a UPI ID in the SBI YONO lite and SBI YONO app without using the BHIM app. Many of you must be using SBI’s YONO app. First of all, let me tell you that YONO Lite is SBI’s mobile banking app. This app is loaded with many features and in terms of features, it is not less than the official apps of private banks like ICICI Bank and HDFC. If we talk about the customer reviews, then the rating of the YONO app in Google Apps is tremendous.

The app is user-friendly and even if you are using the app for the first time, you will not face any problems.

So today we will talk about how you can create BHIM UPI through the Yono Lite app. and How to know your UPI ID in YONO Lite and YONO SBI apps. You will also not have to download the BHIM app and you can create UPI without the BHIM app.

Features of YONO lite app

As I said earlier, the YONO app is not less than anyone in terms of features. YONO Lite has a feature named YONO Pay, with the help of which you can do QR code (For Payment in shops), ‘Quick transfer (To SBI bank account and another bank account)’, ‘Bank account’, ‘BHIM UPI ID’ and many more.

Emergency services provided by Yono app

Yono app also provides many emergency services to its customers. With the help of the Yono app, you can change the PIN of your debit card at any time. Or if your debit card is lost then you do not need to call customer care, you can block your debit card in 2 minutes with the help of the Yono app. If you want to cancel your old debit card and want to apply for a new debit card, then you can apply online with the help of the Yono app. Apart from this, the Yono app provides many services which we will talk about later. First, we will talk about the topic about which this article has been written.

How to create UPI id in SBI Yono app?

Now I am going to tell you how you can create your UPI ID in YONO app without the BHIM app. With the method I am telling you, you can also find out whether your UPI ID is already created or not. I will tell you the complete procedure, you do not have to skip a single step.

First of all, if you do not have the YONO app installed on your phone, then install it and log in to the app with the help of your login ID and password or MPIN.

STEP 1: Tap on the YONO Pay option.

STEP 2: After that, you will see the option of BHIM UPI. You have to tap on the “BHIM UPI” option.

STEP 3: After that, you will see many options. But you have to tap on “Manage“.

STEP 4: As you must be seeing that if you have already created your UPI ID, then you will see it here. But with this, you can create more UPI IDs. To create a new UPI ID you may tap on the “Create New” option.

STEP 5: After that, you can set your UPI accordingly. You can see in the screenshot how I have entered my new UPI. Then you have to tap on the “Next” button. Along with this, you also have to set up your primary account below.

STEP 6: As soon as you tap the next button, your new UPI ID will be created.

Create UPI ID in yono app without BHIM

And you will also receive the message of Congratulations. So in this way you can easily create your new UPI on the YONO app. You can also create more than one UPI.

So many of you also use the YONO Lite app, so below I am going to tell you that if you do not use YONO SBI and use YONO Lite then how you can create a UPI ID.

How to create UPI ID in SBI YONO lite app?

STEP 1: First you have to login into your YONO lite app. Then click on the YONO pay option on the home page.

STEP 2: Then you will see the BHIM UPI option. You have to tap on the “BHIM UPI” option.

STEP 3: After that tap on Manage and then you can create your new UPI ID easily. Both the apps are official websites of SBI. If you are facing a problem in creating a UPI ID in the SBI Lite app, then you can also install the SBI YONO app.

Next, you have to follow the same procedure which we told you about earlier. So in this way you can create a new UPI ID through the SBI YONO Lite app.

How to check or find SBI UPI ID in YONO SBI and YONO Lite app?

You can easily find UPI ID in your SBI YONO app. Many people already have a UPI ID created in YONO app but they do not know about their UPI ID. Yes, you can easily find your UPI in the YONO app.

How to know my UPI ID in YONO Lite SBI?

STEP: 1 First of all you have to login in YONO app.

STEP: 2 After that you have to tap on the YONO pay option.

STEP : 3 After that you will see the BHIM UPI option. Then you have to select BHIM UPI.

STEP: 4 After that Tap on the “Manage” option

STEP: 5 Then you will see all UPI id. You can tap on “View All UPI IDs.

create UPI ID in Sbi YONO app

So if you follow these steps then you can see all of your UPI IDs in the YONO and YONO Lite app.

Can I open RD and FD accounts through YONO SBI app?

Yes, you can open FD and RD through the YONO SBI app. If you have money in your SBI bank account, then you can open FD and RD accounts with that money. You don’t even need to go to the branch.

STEP: 1 Login in your YONO app.

STEP: 2 Then tap on the “Deposits” option.

STEP : 3 Then you will see many options like Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits. You can select one of them. If you have select Fixed deposit then you have to tap on “Open Fix deposits”.

STEP:4 After that you have entered the amount. and tap on the Next button. after that, you have to select tenures like 1 year or 2 years. and then tap on the Next button.

STEP:5 so this way you can open an RD or FD account with the help of the YONO SBI app.

How to create SBI UPI ID with Bhim UPI app?

First of all, you have to install the BHIM app on your phone. But remember that the registration number of your bank should be on your phone itself.

After that, you have to create an account in the BHIM app and set 4 digit PIN.

And now open the BHIM app and tap on the profile option. Here you will see the option to create a new UPI ID and edit the UPI ID.

Why do we need UPI?

Nowadays everyone is using UPI. If you go to any store or shop, then you use Googler Payor Phone Pay for payment. And you also get cashback on making the payment. That is why transactions in cash have become very few nowadays. And UPI is also a safe payment. And you can believe it. Google Pay and Phone Pay also send and accept payments through UPI ID. The biggest advantage of UPI ID is that it is absolutely free. And you can send money to anyone for free. And for this, the bank does not take any kind of charges. And the money is also deposited directly into your account.

So in this way you can create a UPI ID through the YONO app. And you can also use it in apps like Google Pay and Phone Pay. We have tried our best to provide you complete information. But still, if any information has been misused, then we apologize to you.

If you need any information, then you can tell us through comments. We will be glad to assist you.



  1. I did not even know that we can create UPI ID in SBI YONO Lite app also. When I read this article, I came to know that we can create UPI ID even without using BHIM app. I also have ICICI bank account. And I want to create UPI ID in ICICI app also. Please write an article about this also.

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    1. WealthKicks is not related to any news channel. This blog published articles on Banking ans money. You can read articles here about stock market, mutual funds, Banks etc.

  4. YONO app is is better than other banks apps. You can easily create your UPI id on Yono lite app. I am using Yono app from last one years and this is a user friendly app. Thanks to SBI for this awesome app.

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