How to disable contactless or WIFI payment feature of ICICI bank credit cards?

WIFI or contactless payment disable

If you want to stop ICICI contactless card payment, then you can do this in two ways. Either you can disable it yourself or you can disable it by talking with the customer support of ICICI Bank. So first let’s talk about how you can stop contactless card payment through customer support. You have to call ICICI Bank’s credit card department with the mobile number that you have attached with your credit card. When you talk to them, you can speak to them to stop contactless card payment. And within 24 hours your service will be stopped. By the way, contactless card payment stops simultaneously. But from the bank you are given 24 hours. 

Now let’s talk about how you can deactivate ICICI contactless card payment service yourself. If you are using ICICI card then you must also be using ICICI Mobile App. If you have not yet installed, do it. Only then you can disable the contactless card payment service through the mobile app. 

Note: Whenever you disable contactless card payment service, you have to stop this service both domestically and internationally.

Why it is important to stop international contactless card payment service?

Perhaps you would not know that whenever you shop on an international website, you can pay without entering a pin or OTP. Perhaps you must have been surprised to know how anyone can do a transaction without a OTP or a pin. This rule is only in India. This rule has been created by RBI to avoid fraud. But there are also some countries where you can pay by just entering the details of your card. That is why you should always keep International Transactions disable. Yes, when you go out of the country or you do shopping on International website, you can enable it.

How to disable ICICI credit card international payment services?

1. First of all, you have to open the application of ICICI Bank in your mobile.

2. After that you have to click on “Manage” in the credit card.

3. After that you will see the option of “International”. You can disable international payment from there.

Now you will not be able to make any international payment with your credit card. Yes, you can pay anywhere in India.

So how you can disable ICICI contactless credit card payment?

1. To disable ICICI contactless credit card payment, you also have to open your ICICI bank app. And want to login there.

2. After that you have to click on “Manage” Option again.

3. After that you have to click on “Tap and Pay” Option.

Tap and Pay means contactless payment. Many people get upset by seeing that there is no option of contactless payment in app. 

You have to see whether the contactless card payment of your card is enabled or disabled. You can enable it even after disabling. So in this way you can enable or disable your own contactless card payment. If you still have to face any kind of problem, then you can tell us through comments. Or you can also talk to the customer support of the bank. 





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