How to get or download SBI bank statements without net banking in 2021

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Today we will talk about how you can download SBI bank statements without Internet banking in 2021. If you are a customer of SBI bank and do not use internet banking, then you must have faced difficulty in downloading the SBI bank account statement. But you do not need to panic, you can get your bank statement even without internet banking. By the way, this information is also known to SBI that many customers are not yet connected with Internet Banking, so SBI has launched a service that you can download your bank statement without internet banking. Even if you do not have an internet facility, you can still get your bank statement. I am a customer of SBI Bank for a long time, I have used all these apps permanently. So all the apps that I am asking you to use are all from SBI Banks. These are all safe apps and you can trust all these apps.

How to Download SBI account statement without internet banking?

If you want to download your bank statement without internet banking, then you have to download an application on your phone. The name of the application is SBI Quick App. This application is available for both Android and iPhone (IOS App Store).

When you open the application you will have to Allow “SMS service permission” and “Phone call permission”. At. At first, you need to register for the SMS banking service. Select the Registration option from the menu and enter your Mobile Number.

Now, After you you click on the SUBMIT button, the app will redirect you to the SMS app on your Phone. Send the already drafted message to register for the SBI SMS banking service.

In a few moments, you will receive a reply SMS that states successful registration of SMS banking.

If your mobile number is already registered, you can also skip these steps. When you open the application, you will see the option of “Account Services” on the home page. You have to tap on “Account Services”.

After that, you will see a lot of options. Like :

Balance Enquiry

Mini Statement

6 Months e-statement

If you have to download the last 6 months’ account statement, then you have to tap on the “6 Months e-statement” option.

After this, you have to enter your SBI bank account number and four-digit security code. You will get your account number from your bank passbook.

And after that, you have to press the button “Submit”.

When your application is submitted, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number that the request is processed successfully.

And shortly after that, your 6-month bank statement will be received in your registered email. You can download it easily. You are also provided complete information about it in the email.

Apart from this, there are other such apps through which you can download SBI statements without internet banking. If SBI Quick App is not working then you can also take the help of these apps.

How to View SBI account statement without Internet or Offline?

Many times we do not have an internet facility and we have to download the statement of SBI, then we can download the statement without the internet through the SBI Anywhere app.

SBI anywhere app has a feature of mPassbook. This passbook can be viewed offline when enabled.

If you want to take advantage of this feature, then you have to install the YONO lite app on your phone. Along with this, you will also have to install SBI Quick app. You will find both these apps on Play Store and App Store.

On the bottom of the screen, click on More Option

After clicking on More, you will see the option of mPassbook. You have to tap on mPassbook.

If you have a passcode already then enter the user id and passcode and click on View.

But if you are a “New offline mPassbook user” then tap on First time user and enter your Internet banking User ID and four-digit Password to view the statement offline.

Now you have to enter your SBI Bank account number there. Now after this you can see your bank statement without an internet connection.

So these were some of the ways that you can easily download your bank statement.

How to download SBI bank statement with YONO app?

If you use the SBI YONO app and want to download the bank statement through the app itself, then you can do it easily. First of all, you have to log in to SBI YONO App.

When you log in, you will see the option of “Accounts”.

As soon as you click on the accounts, you will see your account balance. And all your deposits will also be visible.

After that, you will see your account number under the savings account. You have to tap on your account number.

As soon as you tap on the account, you will see the history of your transactions. This is your bank statement. You can also download it in PDF format.

You will see a passbook and mail icon in front of the transaction details. To download the SBI bank account statement as a PDF file, tap on the Passbook icon.

If you want to receive the statement by email, then you have to click on the icon of the mail. In this way, you can download the bank statement through the YONO app as well.

If you do not want to get the statement online, then you can also go to the SBI branch and get the bank statement. But when you go to the branch, then definitely take a government ID such as an Aadhar card or voting card with you. You may need it. With this, you can also take your passbook with you.

If you have not yet applied for internet banking, then you can apply for this by going to the branch.

How to apply for internet banking or YONO app in SBI branch?

I am a customer of SBI for the last 3 years. But earlier I too had not taken the facility of internet banking. But when I thought I needed it, I went to my bank branch. Now I am going to share my own experience with you.

When you apply for internet banking, you have to tell your SBI branch about it. After that you will have to fill an application form and a government ID will also have to be attached to it.

And when you submit your application, the bank will provide your login ID and password shortly after that. You can also create an account in YONO app through the same login ID. This way you can get the service of internet banking. This way you can get the service of internet banking.

How to open a FD account with YONO app?

The YONO app has many benefits. You can open your FD account yourself. You do not even need to go to the bank. If there is money in your savings account, then you can open the FD or RD account at the same time.

To open an FD account, you will have to log in to the YONO app. After that, you have to tap on “Deposits”.

After that, you have to tap on Create Fix Deposit.

Now you have to enter the amount, but your amount should not be more than the amount of your savings account.

If you want to open a tax-saving fund then you have to tick the check box below. But tax-saving money is only for 5 years. You cannot have it premature before 5 years. So take this decision with a little thought.

After that, you have to tap on submit button and your FD account will be created.

Why do we need a bank statement?

We need a bank statement only to show income. Whenever we apply for a loan or apply for a credit card, we have to give our bank statement to the bank. With this, the bank gets to know how much your earning is in a month. Are you eligible for the loan or not? All banks provide the facility of bank statements. In SBI Bank, you can get bank statements both online and offline. Many banks send their bank statements every month to all their customers on their registered email. You can get this service stopped and started at any time. For this, you will have to talk to the customer support of the bank.

Premature Withdrawal of Fixed Deposit in SBI with YONO bank

If you want to withdraw your FD before time, then you can do this through the YONO app. But for this, you will be given less interest rate.

Since SBI charges a premature withdrawal penalty of 0.50 per cent on FD amounts of less than INR 5 lakh, the effective interest rate after deduction of the penalty will be 5.75 per cent (less than the original booked interest rate by 1.25 per cent).

To prematurely withdraw FD’s account, first, log in to your YONO app.

After that, you have to tap on “Deposits“.

After that, you will see all your FD accounts.

Click on the FD you want to Withdraw.

After that tap on “Close Fixed Deposit

And in this way, you will be Withdraw your fixed deposit. And your money will be transferred to your savings account. Now you can use that money according to yourself.

If I am a customer of SBI, can I get a credit card?

If you are an old customer of SBI Bank, then you can get a credit card easily. But it is not necessary that you have an SBI account to get a credit card SBI. Even if you are not a customer of SBI Bank, you can apply for SBI Credit Card. If you are using a credit card from another bank, then you can apply for SBI’s credit card based on that card.

To apply for an SBI card, you will have to visit the website. After that, you will see a lot of credit cards there. You can apply for any of those cards. For more information, you can visit the website of “SBI card”. You will get complete information about it there.

After that, you will have to enter your complete information. And when your application is submitted, the team of SBI Card will review your request. And if you have entered the correct information then you will get your credit card issuer.

So in this way you can download your SBI Bank statement online. We have tried to give you complete information in this article. But still, if any information is missed, then you can tell us through comments. We will try our best to help you.


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