How to redeem IndusInd Bank’s credit card reward points to cash

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If you use a credit card from IndusInd Bank and do not know how to redeem the credit card reward points, then today I will give you complete information about how you can redeem your credit card points in cash. IndusInd Bank is a leading name in the credit card industry. And if you talk about the service of IndusInd Bank, then its service is very good. Some time back, very few people knew about IndusInd Bank. Earlier this bank had very few branches in India. But IndusInd Bank has shown a lot of growth in a very short time.

The way IndusInd Bank’s dominance in the credit card industry is increasing, according to that, in the coming years, IndusInd Bank will come in the list of top 5 credit card providers. IndusInd Bank Limited is a new-generation Indian bank headquartered in Pune. The bank offers commercial, transactional, and electronic banking products and services. IndusInd Bank was inaugurated in April 1994 by then Union Finance Minister Manmohan Singh.

I myself have been using IndusInd Bank’s credit card for the last 3 years. And so far I have not faced any kind of problem. I have a Platinum Credit Card from IndusInd Bank. The specialty of this credit card is that it is a lifetime free credit card. Even if you do not spend even one rupee in a year, you will not have to pay any yearly fees. IndusInd Bank also provides many premium credit cards and almost all credit cards provide lifetime free service. On some cards, you have to pay the one-time service fee, which you also get back in the form of Welcome Coupons.

So let’s know how you can convert your IndusInd Bank reward points into cash in 2021.

If you want to redeem your reward points, then there are two ways. If you want to redeem the points yourself, you can visit the website “Indus moments”. But here you cannot convert reward points into cash. Here you can shop through rewards points. If you want to do shopping then you can visit this website. This is IndusInd Bank’s own website.

If you just want to know how you can convert reward points into cash, then you can scroll down and you will get an answer.

Open the website on your phone or laptop.

After that, you have to select your credit card. “PLEASE SELECT YOUR INDUSIND BANK CARD TYPE”.

Suppose you have a platinum credit card, then you have to select a platinum credit card.

After that, you will see a lot of products. This is a shopping website and you will find many products here. So you can buy your favorite product.

While purchasing the product, you have to use your IndusInd Bank credit card for payment. And you can pay through reward points.

So in this way you can get your credit card points redeemed.

Now I am going to tell you how you can convert your reward points into real cash.

So if you do not want to do shopping, then you can also convert your points into cash. But you cannot transfer that cash to your bank account. You can use that cash to pay your credit card bill. That cash is adjusted in the outstanding amount of your credit card bill.

But you cannot do all this yourself. For this, you have to call the customer support of IndusInd Bank. When you call in the IndusInd Bank Credit Card Department, you will have to tell them that you have to redeem the reward points into Cash. After this, you will be asked some questions for verification. Such as your card number and date of birth. You may also be asked about your credit card limit and billing cycle. When your verification is complete, a request for redemption of your reward point is put. And within 2 days the cash is credited to the outstanding amount of your credit card.

As you have already seen in the statement, how the redeem points are shown in the statement. I had filed a request for points redemption 2 days ago and today I see it in the credit card statement.

The value of each credit card reward point is different. As the name of the card I have is a platinum credit card. And I get 1.5 reward points for spending 150 rupees and a reward point is worth 0.85 rupees. There are also cards whose value of one reward point is much more than this. So you can make more money in it.

Which is the best IndusInd bank credit card for low income?

If your salary is less then which credit card of IndusInd Bank will be right for you. I know that if our salary is less then we cannot get good credit cards. But still, there are some credit cards that are very good and even those with low income can apply for these cards. For now, I will only tell you about IndusInd Bank cards.

  • IndusInd bank platinum credit card
  • IndusInd bank aura platinum credit card
  • IndusInd Bank Nexxt credit card

These three cards are lifetime free credit cards. IndusInd Bank Nexxt credit card is the best among them all. The value of its reward points is higher than both these cards. So if you want to upgrade your credit card, then the IndusInd Bank Nexxt credit card is good for you.

IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card – India’s first interactive card, that offers you absolute flexibility when making payments at POS. This next-gen state-of-the-art card plastic has LED buttons that empower you to switch between multiple payment options. Experience the new way to pay as you can use the Credit, Rewards, or EMI option while purchasing your favorite items at the store.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible options to pay through EMI, Reward points or Credit.
  • Get 1 Reward Point for every ₹150 spent
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver
  • Entertainment offers

If you know about credit cards of other banks other than IndusInd Bank then you can read our article.

Low Income best credit cards in 2021

But still, I am going to tell you about three such credit cards that you can easily get.

  • SBI simply click credit card
  • SBI simply save credit card
  • HDFC money back credit card
  • HDFC millennia credit card
  • ICICI Amazon pay credit card

If your income is less, you can still apply for all these cards. If you can already use a card, then you can get all these cards very easily. If you like to shop online then you can apply for SBI Simply Click Card or HDFC millennia credit card.

If you shop more on Amazon or Flipkart, then the Amazon Pay Card of ICICI is right for you. This is a lifetime free credit card. And for this, you do not have to pay joining fees.

If you like shopping offline then simply save a card SBI is good for you. It is not a lifetime free card but its annual charges are very low. And you can get them waved off as well.

How to pay IndusInd Bank credit card bill?

Although there are many ways to pay credit card bills, there are two ways that are the best. You can also get bills through your IndusInd app. But you do not find any cashback in it. Now I am going to tell you about such an application Where you get a cashback even if you pay the credit card bill. You can also pay your house rent with this app. Yes, I am talking about the CRED app. Many of you will also be using this app. I have also been using this app for the last 1 year. And so far I have received about 3000 INR cashback and that too only to pay the credit card bill. I am sharing a screenshot for proof.

CRED app payment proof

So in this way you can also pay the credit card bill with the help of the CRED app and can also get cashback.

So these were some such credit cards that you can easily get. Our main topic was how you can convert your IndusInd Bank’s reward points to Cash. And we have tried to give you complete information about it. But still, if any information is missed, then you can tell us through comments. Hope you like this information. And you will have got answers to all the questions.


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