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Investing in mutual funds

Today in this article you will know whether Groww app and Etmoney is registered with SEBI or not. If both the apps are registered with SEBI then what is the proof of it. If you are a new investor and are thinking about investing in mutual funds So you must have heard the name ETMoney and Groww in many YouTube videos and articles. Some Youtubers may have described Groww app better and some may have described Etmoney app better. But let me tell you that among those who are comparing them, many of them would never have used these apps. Nowadays people can do anything to earn money. That is why it is very difficult to trust any investment app until you use an app yourself.

So now let’s talk about our first question. Is ETMoney and Groww registered with SEBI?

As you know, ETMoney and Groww are both very popular apps. Yes, both these apps are registered in SEBI. Groww is registered in SEBI under the name of NextBillion Technology Private Limited. That is why a lot of people do not know about Groww whether they are registered in SEBI or not. Whenever I talk, I also present its proof together. Only then will you believe me.

Groww SEDI certificate

Groww app with SEBI is also registered in BSE. I am also sharing its proof below.

BSE certificate of Groww

Now you must have believed that Groww is a legal app and it is also registered in SEBI. Now let’s talk about whether Etmoney is registered in SEBI like the Groww app or not.

ETMONEY tax saving investment app SEBI Reg. No. INA100006898

Certificate not found but Etmoney is also registered on SEBI. So there is nothing to worry if you have started investing on Etmoney or want to invest, then you can keep it running. Etmoney is a subsidiary of The Times Group. And many of you must have known about The Times Group. This is a very big group in India.

The Time Group

I am going to tell you some names below that are part of The Times Group. And I know that you will definitely be surprised to know that names.

Perhaps you are aware of apps and websites like CricBuzz, The Times of India, and All these websites are part of The Times Group. There are many more websites, so I am sharing a screenshot below from where you will get more information.

The Times Group

I am sharing this information with you because you should know that through which app you are investing your earnings. Whether that app is worth investing or not.

Now we have come to know that both the apps are legit. But now the question is, through which app should you invest in mutual funds. Now I am going to share my personal experience with you. I had also said earlier that you do not know about the services and functions of the app until you have used any app.

So I have used both these apps. At first I used to invest in mutual funds through Groww App. And frankly, Groww App is a better app. The most important thing about this app is that its interface is very user friendly. That’s why I like this app very much.

Grow app reviews

If we talk about customers reviews, then people like Groww app very much. That is why the app rating on Google Play is around 4.5.

Now let’s talk about Etmoney App. After 1 year of using Groww app, I stopped using Groww app. The reason for this is not that Groww is not a good app. As you all know that each person’s choice is different. Personally I like Etmoney’s interface more. That is why I now invest in Mutual Funds through the Etmoney app.

Benefits of investing in Mutual Funds through Etmoney and Groww

As you know, you can invest in two types of mutual funds.

  • Direct mutual fund
  • Regular mutual fund

If you invest in a regular mutual fund, then apps charge you fees. These charges are usually 1%. Initially, we do not incur these charges much, but in the long term, we get a lot of effect from it. So we should always opt for Direct mutual fund apps. And the interesting thing is that both ETMoney and Groww are direct mutual fund investing apps. Both these apps do not take any kind of charges from you.

How can we invest in mutual funds through Etmoney app?

So let’s know how you can invest in mutual funds through the Etmoney app. First of all, you will have to install the app in your mobile. After that you will have to create your account in the app. When your account is created and your account is approved, you can start your investment.

  • Open Etmoney app
  • After that you will see “Investment” written on the home page at the bottom. You have to do tap on the “Investment”
EtMoney App Investment
  • After that if you have invested, then your investment will be shown. But we will make a new investment now, so I will only tell you about it. You will see a search option on the top corner. If you have already thought that I want to invest in this mutual fund, then you can use direct search. You just have to write the name of the mutual fund in the search box.
Mutual Funds Etmoney
  • Below I am telling you how to use the search filter. When you have a fund show, you have to tap on it.
Motual Funds
  • After that you will see complete information about the fund. Like how the fund is performing. If you want to invest in that mutual fund, then you have to tap on “Invest Now” button.
Etmoney Invest money
  • Understand the procedure after this very carefully. Here you will see two options Lumpsum and Monthly sip. If you want SIP to be automatically deleted from your account every month, then you can choose the option of “Monthly SIP”.
  • But if you want to invest only once, then you can choose the Lumpsum option. If you choose monthly sip, then you will have to select a date on which the money will be deducted from your account.
Etmoney SIP

After that you have to pay and add your bank account. And you have to connect your bank with Smart Pay. When you follow the entire procedure, you will get information about it. So with this trick you can start your SIP in just 1 minute.

Apart from mutual funds, Etmoney provides you more facilities.Below I am going to tell about that. You can also take advantage of those facilities. NPS (National Pension Scheme)

  • National Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Fixed Deposits (FD)

Apart from mutual funds, if you want to invest in safe deposits like Fixed Deposits, you can do this here. So in this way you can invest in multiple schemes in a single app. By the way, if I start writing about the benefits of Etmoney, then the article will go a long way. That is why you can read about the benefits of Emoney in our second article. You will get full information about it there.

If you are also planning to invest in Mutual Funds, then this is the right time to invest. Some people believe that the market is high at this time and we should wait for some time. But if you invest in mutual funds through SIP, it does not matter whether the market is high or low.

If you feel that we have missed any information, then you can tell us through comments. Or you can also contact us. We will try to answer your questions within 24 hours. Hope you will be satisfied with our given information.


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