What will happen if I don’t pay a credit card bill in India, will they put me in jail?

credit card bill payment

You might also find the question a little funny. If we do not pay the credit card bill, will we have to go to jail. But there are many people who want the answer. so today we will know what will happen if you do not pay your credit card bill on time in India. As you know, whenever we apply for a credit card, there are two reasons for this. Either we need it or we get credit card as status symbol. In the beginning, we think that we will use the credit card properly and will not spend […]

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Which is the best SBI credit card for low income in 2021?

SBI simply click credit card for low income

Nowadays a lot of people are using credit cards. And nowadays people also see credit card as a status symbol. Let me tell you about myself first. I get my first credit card about 3 years ago. And I only know how I get it. At that time I used to work in a small IT company. And my monthly salary was only 12 thousand rupees. And in such salary no bank was giving me credit card. I talked to a lot of bank’s customer support. Also applied online in many banks, but no bank gave me a credit card. […]

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How to disable contactless or WIFI payment feature of ICICI bank credit cards?

WIFI or contactless payment disable

If you want to stop ICICI contactless card payment, then you can do this in two ways. Either you can disable it yourself or you can disable it by talking with the customer support of ICICI Bank. So first let’s talk about how you can stop contactless card payment through customer support. You have to call ICICI Bank’s credit card department with the mobile number that you have attached with your credit card. When you talk to them, you can speak to them to stop contactless card payment. And within 24 hours your service will be stopped. By the way, contactless card payment stops […]

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How to disable contactless payment feature of SBI credit cards?

wifi credit card payment disable

Many of us use credit cards. Credit card has also become a part of our lives. If we use credit card well then it also gives us a lot of benefits. But if we spend extravagantly by this, it can also prove to be costly to us. India is not the same now. Now we are moving towards Digital India. You must have seen that you can use your credit card at even the smallest shop. And we also get cashback instead. Or sometimes we get some discounts too. Some time ago, contactless cards have been launched in India too. Not only credit cards, but now debit […]

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Which is the best alternative to UpWork in 2021?

Guru website

If you are a freelancer young entrepreneur, or if you are thinking about freelancing, then you must know about the UpWork website. UpWork is a leading website in freelancing industry. But getting the account approved in Upwork is difficult nowadays. Yes, if you have an old account, then the matter is different. But getting new account approved is very difficult. And many people are facing this type of problem.  So if you are also looking for Upwork’s alternative website, then you have reached the right place. Please read the entire article so that no information is missed. So let’s know about some websites that are similar […]

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