What will happen if I don’t pay a credit card bill in India, will they put me in jail?

credit card bill payment

You might also find the question a little funny. If we do not pay the credit card bill, will we have to go to jail. But there are many people who want the answer. so today we will know what will happen if you do not pay your credit card bill on time in India. As you know, whenever we apply for a credit card, there are two reasons for this. Either we need it or we get credit card as status symbol.

In the beginning, we think that we will use the credit card properly and will not spend unnecessarily. When I get my first credit card, I also thought that I would use the credit card to a minimum. But you do know that when the credit card comes in hand, the expenditure incurred increases. We also buy goods that we do not need anything special. Yes, the thinking of girls is different in this case. Most girls use their credit cards very thoughtfully.

So in this way our credit card bill keeps increasing and when the bill is generated then we have no money to pay it. If we do not pay the bill, then we have to pay a lot of interest.

Credit card vs Debit card

Credit Card Comparison of All Banks

Credit CardInterest Charge Per MonthJoining Fee
ICICI Bank1.99% to 3.50%Nil to 125000
SBI2.50% to 3.35%Nil to 4999
HDFC Bank1.99% to 3.50%Nil to 10000
Axis Bank2.50% to 3.40%Nil to 10000
Interest Charge Credit cards

In the card, you do not have to pay interest yearly rather, we have to pay it on a monthly basis. Therefore, we should pay the payment time of our credit card. Otherwise, you may face a lot of trouble.

How can we pay the credit card bill easily?

Suppose you do not have the money to pay for the credit card. And you want to clear your credit card bill. So I am going to tell you some ways that you can pay your credit card bill easily.

  • Personal Loan
  • Easy EMI

You can also take a personal loan from your bank to clear your credit card bill. You can easily pay personal loan in EMI. And you will also get a personal loan easily. On personal loan you have to pay maximum 13% interest. And this is a better deal than a credit card.

If you do not want to take a personal loan or for some reason you are unable to get a personal loan, then you can also try our other option. Nowadays almost all banks provide easy EMI facility on credit card. So you can also convert your outstanding amount to EMI. And very little interest will be taken from you in this also.

I have been using SBI Simply Click Credit Card for the last 3 years. The same happens with me, I have not been able to pay my bills many times. But I do not take a personal loan for this. I get my outstanding amount converted to EMI. If the amount is small, then I choose the option of EMI of 3 or 6 months.

How you can convert your SBI credit card outstanding amount in easy EMI?

Today I will tell you that if you are using credit card of SBI and want to convert your outstanding amount to EMI then how can you do that. If you are using SBI card then you must also use SBI card app.

  • First of all, you have to open SBI card app in your mobile.
  • After that you have to tap on “Benefits”.
SBI card app
  • When you click on the benefits, you will see a new page. There you will see the option of FlexiPay. You have to click on it.
FlexiPay in SBI card
  • After that the list of all your transactions will be in front of you. You can select any transaction you want to convert to EMI. And after that you have to click on the view offer.
SBI card EMI
  • After that all the offers will be in front of you.
SBI card EMI

Whatever offer you like, like if you want to convert the amount into EMI for 9 months, then click on it. And after that you have to click on the “Apply Offer”.

But like I said earlier, the interest rate in this will be slightly higher. So now it depends on you that if you can give 22% interest then you should accept this offer. And if you are not satisfied with the interest rate, then you can also talk to the bank about it. Maybe the bank can reduce your interest rate. So in this way you can convert the outstanding amount of your credit card to FlexiPay EMI.

So it is a matter of how you can pay your credit card bill. But as has been asked in the question, what will happen if we are unable to pay the credit card bill. Do I have to go to jail?

So the correct answer is that you will not have to go to jail. So there is nothing to fear in this. If all your banks are empty and there is no money in the bank then how will the bank recover.

I am going to tell you about a friend of mine. His condition was also like this. His wife fell ill and had to be admitted to the ICU. The Health Insurance Company refused to give cashless claim. In such a situation, he had to clear the hospital bills but he did not have much savings. So he used a credit card to pay the bill. And see his misfortune that due to CORONA he also lost his job. Now his wife too had recovered and came home. But he did not have the money to pay the credit card bill. The credit card department kept harassing him for four months, and he was very much disturbed by it.

Then one day some people from the credit card department came to his house and they checked his bank accounts and seeing his condition, he made an offer to him. Now my friend had to give only 50% money to the bank. So somehow he collected those money and paid on the credit card bill. So in this way he got rid of this tension.

So if you are not able to pay the bill then you can openly talk to the bank about it. May be your bank also gives you some discount.


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