Yes Bank share price target in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 | Price Prediction


Today I will tell you Yes Bank share price target in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. Yes Bank Limited is an Indian private sector bank headquartered in Mumbai. Today we will tell you the target price of Yes Bank share. You will know what can be the price target of Yes Bank share from 2022 to 2025.

As you know that some time ago Yes Bank had reached the verge of bankruptcy. But to save Yes Bank, SBI bought most of the shares of Yes Bank, and a new management was appointed. After that we have also got to see its effect and Yes Bank Bank has also achieved success in recovering many bad loans. If you see the chart of Yes Bank stock, then you will know that till 2018 the stock of Yes Bank has performed tremendously.

But after 2018, the phase of decline in Yes Bank’s stock started, which has not stopped even till 2021. And the value of Yes Bank share reached from 382 INR to 13 INR.

Yes bank Share Price

If you want to invest in Yes Bank for short term then you should not invest in this stock. Because it may take time to recover the bank now. Right now people’s faith has also been lost from Yes Bank. The bank needs a few more years to win back the trust of the people.

Yes Bank share price target in 2021

If Yes Bank is successful in survival and the decision of AT-1 bonds of Yes Bank also comes in the favor of Yes Bank, then the target of share of Yes Bank will be INR 20 by the end of 2021. But as of now I think the share price target of Yes Bank in 2021 is INR 16.

Yes Bank share price target in 2022

The current price of Yes bank share is 12.95 INR. In the last one year, the share of Yes Bank has given a return of about 10.68%. And I think you can get similar return for the coming few years.

So the next target for Yes Bank in 2022 is 16 INR. If you are thinking that some miracle will happen and the share of Yes Bank will cross 100 INR again, then it cannot happen. Yes, the share of Yes Bank can even cross the target of 100 INR but it may not happen in 2022. You may have to wait a long time for this. It is risky to invest in Yes Bank now. If any wrong news is received about Yes Bank, then even more fall can be seen in the stock.

Yes Bank share price target in 2023

As time passes, people’s trust in Yes Bank will increase. And the condition of the bank can be back on track again. In such a situation, you are expected to get good returns by 2023. So the next target for Yes Bank in 2023 is 25 INR. But this is just a guess. The share price of Yes Bank is more or less than this. It depends on how the bank performs.

Yes Bank share price target in 2024

We Indians are always attracted towards penny stocks because these stocks can give us quick money. But we can earn money from penny stocks only when our luck favors us. If upper circuit is installed in penny stock then only upper circuit is seen for few days. But if we do not book profit at the right time, then we can also suffer loss. When there is a lower circuit in penny stock, you cannot even sell your stock. So if we want to invest in any penny stock, then first we should collect complete information about that stock.

So the price target for Yes bank in 2024 is 32 INR. But as I said earlier this is just a guess. Whether Yes Bank will be able to meet this target or not, we will know only in 2024.

Yes Bank share price target in 2025

So now we will try to know what can be the target of Yes Bank share price in 2025. If Yes Bank recovers most of its bad loans and remains in profit every year, then in 2025 the target of Yes Banks will be 50 INR. But if Yes Bank is unable to recover its loans, then the share price may also go down.

That’s why I told you earlier that if you want to invest in Yes Bank stock then you have to invest for long term. But still the financial position of the bank is not very good.

Total Income Yes Bank in June 2021 : 5,610.71 Cr.

Total Income Growth (%) : 16.05%

Deposits : 1,05,311.17

Deposits Growth (%) : -53.72%

So there is an increase in the income of Yes Bank. and this is a good sign. But there is a decrease in deposits with the bank and this is not a good sign. This shows that the trust of the customers has decreased with the bank. And people are withdrawing their money from the bank.

Yes Bank Balance Sheet

You can see in the balance sheet of Yes Bank itself that the condition of the bank is not very good. But it is not too bad that the bank will be closed. Now give some more time to the bank and believe me you can get good return in long term.

If you like to play safe, then I would advise you that you should not invest in Yes Bank shares. Yes, if you want to invest in the banking sector, then you have many options.

  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Federal Bank
  • SBI

These are the best banking stock to invest in 2021. You can invest in all these banking stocks for long term and get good returns. But my first choice among all these banking stocks is HDFC Bank. And this stock is also added to my portfolio since last 5 years. And in the last five years, HDFC Bank’s stock has given a return of about 129.09%.

What to check before investing in any stock

If you are thinking of investing in any stock, then first you should check the balance sheet of that company. In this you should check how much is the total assets of the company. And what is the liability of the company.

With this you will know whether the company can survive in the long term or not. Anyway, there is more profit in the share market but there is also more risk in it. If you do not have much knowledge about share market then you should not invest in this market.

First you should know that how the share market works, you can take the help of experts for this. But if you are a busy person and cannot pay much attention to your stocks, then you should invest in mutual funds and not in the stock market.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds also invest money in the stock market itself. But you yourself do not invest money in it. Mutual funds company has appointed a manager who invests your money in good stocks. And you do not worry about when I have to sell shares and in which shares should I invest.

Now it is the job of Mutual Fund Management Company that where they invest your money. But in Mutual Funds, you cannot expect high returns in the short term. If you invest in Mutual Funds for the long term, you can earn higher returns.

If you want to take risk then invest only 5% of your portfolio in Yes Bank. Either you can also invest in this stock through SIP. If you use Zerodha Kite app then you can easily start SIP of any stock.

You should not put all your money in one stock. You must have at least 15 stocks in your portfolio. You can get good returns even if 5 out of 15 stocks have negative returns as well.

And by the way, Yes Bank is a risky stock and if you want to invest in this talk, then you must collect complete information about this stock or take the advice of an expert.

Is Yes Bank share is risky

As you all know that Yes Bank has a lot of debt. And in such a situation, Yes Bank is a risky stock. But SBI and other banks are trying their best to make Yes Bank a popular bank again. And let Yes Bank stand on its feet again.

Is it right to open a RD or FD account in Yes Bank?

Those who have an account in Yes Bank, the rate is that what will happen to their savings if the bank sinks. That’s why they are taking their savings out of the bank and putting it in another bank. So I want to tell you people that even if Yes Bank becomes bankrupt, you can get maximum 5 lakh rupees. If you have 10 lakh in your account then you will get 5 lakh rupees only. And if you have 3 lakh rupees in your bank account then you will get all your money.

But there is nothing to fear now. The bank is doing well and now the bank is slowly reducing the loss. And in the coming 10 years, the bank will stand as strong as before.

Note : Whatever targets I have told about Yes Bank, it is not necessary that Yes Bank should achieve those targets. This is just a guess. And guesses can be wrong. Even an expert cannot tell the exact future of a stock. So now you have to take this decision whether you want to invest in Yes Bank or not.



  1. Many people have given their opinion about the share of Yes Bank, so thought why should I stay behind. As far as I am feeling right now investing money in Yes Bank is a waste of money. Yes, you can get returns in the long term but it is useless to expect more from these stocks for a year or two now.

  2. Many people talk negative about Yes Bank but my thinking is different. I always think positivity, and I always get along well. Yes you can invest in Yes Bank now and you can earn good money in long term also. Yes Bank share price target in 2025 is 150 INR. and Yes Bank share price target for 2022 is 30 rupees. Yes the stock is performing a bit slow. But when the bank becomes profitable, the stock will run like a rocket.

  3. Don’t know why people are going crazy after Yes Bank stock. Even by the end of 2025, the share of Yes Bank will not reach even Rs. 20. By 2025, the share price can reach even Re 1 . In such a situation, investing in Yes Bank is not the right decision. But this is my opinion. It may be that many people do not follow my opinion. I am no expert. But I never invest money in such stocks.

  4. I have invested 100000 rupees in Yes Bank. I have bought 1 share for Rs.129. But I don’t understand anything right now. When I could book profit, I didn’t. And I thought that now the share price will increase further. But the share price kept on falling. Should I still hold the stock or should I sell it? If the price can reach 200 by 2025 then I am ready to hold the stock. But I don’t think so. Right now the stock price is running around Rs. 13 and has remained at 13 for a long time. It seems impossible to reach 200 in this way.

  5. I think the target of Yes Bank you have mentioned is less. By 2025, Yes Bank can reach around Rs. 200. And I know what I’m saying.

  6. I don’t spend money on lame horses. I invest only in such stocks which are fundamentally strong. Yes Bank is not a fundamentally strong company. Till now it is not even known when the bank will be closed, in such a situation all your money can be wasted.

  7. I have bought 5 lakh rupees shares of Yes Bank at the rate of 14 rupees. And my first target is 100 INR. And I think that by 2025, the share of Yes Bank can reach 100 rupees. And once the share of Yes Bank reaches Rs 100 then no one can stop it from reaching 1000. But this is my own opinion. Many people will not agree with my thinking. Yes I know Yes Bank is a risky stock right now. But even if my sweat sinks, then there is no sorrow. Because I have played a gamble, if the stock goes, then it can also make me a millionaire. If you want to play the game, then why not play big. The decision of defeat and victory will happen later.

  8. I do not trust on Yes Bank now. You can invest on other banks stock like HDFC, Kotak and ICICI bank. These stock can make you rich in long term.

  9. Do you think it is a good idea to invest 10 lakh rupees in Yes Bank stock for long term. Can i get good returns in long term like in 2025 or 2030.

  10. Can Yes Bank become nifty 50 part again in 2022. What is the accurate target of Yes Bank share is 2022. Can yes bank reach 100 INR in 2025.

  11. Can Yes Bank cross the target of 200 INR in 2030? Should I invest more than 1 lakh in Yes Bank or not?

  12. You said that I can invest in stocks through SIP. Does Zerodha have this facility or not? I tried a lot but I didn’t know about it.

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